Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment

The Neuroworx therapists have access to pieces of equipment that are unique and innovative tools for neurological rehabilitation. They have proven to be very beneficial when used in coordination with manual therapy and over-ground training.

Aquatic Therapy

Neuroworx utilizes specialized aquatic therapy pools manufactured by Hydroworx Int’l. Both pools feature a variable speed treadmill, underwater camera monitoring, and front-mounted water jets to create a flume or stream of resistance. The larger pool incorporates a scissor lift mechanism that allows for pool floor depth adjustment.

Robotic Ambulation

The Lokomat is a sophisticated robotic ambulation training device that can be utilized for a variety of neurological conditions. Neuroworx has leg orthoses to fit adults and children.

Body-weight Supported Locomotor Gait Training

This form of ambulation training occurs as the therapists trigger reflexive spinal cord-mediated stepping responses through proper hand placement while controlling the percentage of supported body weight.

Over-ground De-weighting and Safety System

Neuroworx uses a Bioness Vector dynamic body weight support and safety system, which continually offsets a specified amount of patients’ weight as they move over ground or through obstacles. Therapists can also preset the distance for falls, enabling individuals to take more risks while understanding that the device will catch them. The Vector system enables patients to work on skills such as crawling, sit-to-stand training, transfer training, protective response training, and ambulation.

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Neuroworx utilizes various aspects of functional electrical stimulation to augment desired movement and patterns as well as to maintain muscle mass.

Upper Extremity Movement Augmentation

Upper extremity rehabilitation can be assisted by using the Armeo device, which provides a repetitive, task-specific intervention in a virtual gaming environment. The Neuroworx therapists also utilize the Saebo MAS and mini-MAS hand treatment equipment and mobile arm support.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets combined with immersive therapy and gaming programs are useful for balance, coordination, range-of-motion, and task-specific repetition activities. The immediate visual feedback provided by this modality is a potent contributor to neuroplastic change.

Driving Simulator

Neuroworx uses a professional-grade driving simulator to allow individuals realistic practice with and without various hand control systems. The system allows for testing of response time, memory, and visual fields. This experience prepares individuals for driving evaluations and for a confident and safe return to operating a vehicle.